Who We Are

Sheehan & Company has evolved into a premier boutique commercial office with recognised specialist expertise in the areas of Commercial and Residential, Property, Banking and Commercial Litigation and Insolvency.

We provide full service to our Private Client Base, many of whom had first contact with us through their Corporate experience.

Our objective is simple,  to deliver commercial solutions, legally based at competitive costs, quickly and efficiently.




We are well aware that our clients and financial Institutions require prompt attention, direct access to Partners and action from their Lawyers who are focussed on results. That is what Sheehan & Company delivers.

We have a significant depth and breadth of expertise and experience over many years in a wide range of big ticket commercial and property transactions.


"When you interact with the firm you are the beneficiary of very good legal advice, combined with sound wisdom".

We represent quite a number of large property groups and financial institutions and have completed a number of single transactions of several hundred million Euros each.
As these transactions evolved and became more complex, we responded and adapted to the market's demands and developed an expertise in providing protection and security for the Lending Institutions and Banks that we represent.

Indeed, the Practice is retained by major City Law Firms and the Insurance Industry on complex Titles.

Our clients don't want theories from us, they want answers...

We have established many long term relationships with our clients and their professional service providers and advisers, and understand their needs to deliver high quality service with results.

Affordable Homes

"... a responsive and efficient service of the highest quality ..."

We have proven that we are creative,flexible and dedicated in meeting the needs of each particular case. Ours is an energetic office where our people are determined to deliver, focused on the challenge and enjoy their work.

We deliver at competitive rates which are agreed with the client on a case by case basis. Fees can range from a mixture of minimum fee to a maximum cap, hourly rates and success fees. The appropriate mixture of fees can be structured according to the client's needs and requirements.

The Practice has a proven track record over decades for delivery and success which our clients are happy to confirm.
Our commercial litigation expertise and reputation has developed over the decades and evolved to meet the client's needs in the Commercial and High Courts.
Our track record of success in the Courts has equally been achieved by a significant number of cases settled by innovative thinking and negotiation and new mediation, saving the client significant money, time and stress.

Our philosophy of success is based on developing long term relationships between our people and our clients.

We would like to thank the  professional partners who we are proud to be associated with us:

Lambert Smith Hampton
Cleary McCabe
O'Connor Sutton Cronin
Sherry Fitzgerald
Warren Private Clients
BKD Architects
Jones Lang LaSalle
Finnegan Menton
Cb Richard Ellis