Banking,Funding and Finance

We have developed an expertise in Banking over many years in the taking and provision of Security, as in representing Banks, major developers and Investors in a multitude of transactions.

We have acted for many of the major Irish Banks and international investors providing legal services for the provision of security in various complex transactions including mezzanine finance and multiple and inter bank guarantees.We source private equity funds for Investors as required


We have worked with Sheehan & Co over many years and have always found the firm to be responsive, timely, proactive & experienced in bringing forward solutions and completion of documentation.

We are familiar with the various mechanisms used in the more innovative and creative financial engineering of recent years acting on behalf of both borrowers and Banks.

These changed times require fresh thinking and a innovotive approach to the results now demanded.

The critical attention to detail that is required to properly secure Charges is a hallmark of the services we provide to these major Banks.

Warren & Partners

We are delighted to work with Sheehan & Co. on providing a combined seamless tax and legal service to mutual clients including major entrepreneurs, property developers and privately owned companies.

In the current market, we are now established as Receivers and Asset Managers to assist Banks to deleverage and realise their Security across a range of commercial lending either by:

(a) Realisation and Sales

(b) Identifying potential added value, based on our extensive knowledge and expertise of land, building, planning and all aspects relating to development and the market

(c) Identifying and securing potential buyers or joint venture partners from our extensive network of contacts in the property and commercial areas

(d) Advising work out scenarios in the more distressed cases.

(e) Assisting in managing relationships with NAMA.

f. We have completed several major transactions in Debt restructing, Receiverships and also providing fresh Equity. Our property knowledge and experience has proven to be beneficial to the banks in the current Insolvency market.

We are confident that our many years of experience can now be brought to bear on the current difficulties and is of benefit to lenders to assist them in providing resolution and solutions, by innovative and creative thinking, over and above the necessary legal and procedural aspects of Asset Recovery.

Hooke and MacDonald

... an invaluable participant in our team approach ...