Commercial Litigation in Ireland has developed and evolved rapidly in recent years particularly with the establishment of the Commercial Court. At Sheehan & Company, we have a long established expertise and experience in resolving disputes by negotiation, mediation, arbitration or litigation.

We bring our experience and knowledge to dispute resolution by innovative and creative thinking in our approach to settlements. In conjunction with our client, we develop a legal strategy focussed on the commercial result.

Commercial Litigation (either as plaintiff or defendant, lender, employer, contractor or stakeholder) creates financial uncertainty, and is time consuming and expensive for the parties involved. We are focussed on providing our clients with priority time and attention and treating these disputes with the urgency they deserve.

Throughout the years, we have represented many parties in a variety of commercial sectors and have delivered effective results in several significant actions.

We ensure the maximum priority time and attention to each litigation matter and that it is headed by at least one or more partners to guarantee it is dealt with efficiently and expeditiously bearing in mind the imperatives of the commercial markets.


"... responsive, proactive and very experienced in bringing solutions to clients".

We have acted as commercial receivers and managers for several banks, including KBC Bank and Danske Bank A/S.

In the area of Insolvency Services and Asset Recovery, we have advised on restructuring, refinancing and realisation and disposal of assets.
Our experience of asset recovery extends beyond the basic requirements of legal and procedural matters arising before the courts. We have added value by resolution of difficult situations by delivering insightful and practical solutions, both to banks and business, in the present volatile financial landscape.

We have assisted in the restructure of loans of up to one billion euro. 

We have worked closely over many years with experienced commercial Counsel and have an excellent working relationship with them.

In the property sector in particular, based on our many years of practical experience, we have been able to identify key issues that have aided resolution and added value:

  1. Planning Law
  2. Local Authority Regulations
  3. Environmental Law
  4. Asset Identification and Consolidation
  5. Identifying joint venture partners or purchasers

In addition, we have advised on all aspects of financial regulations and compliance in respect of the complex funding of many of these transactions.